about tu mateixa marionetts company

Cia Tu Mateixa is formed by Júlia Barnabé and her puppets.

The company was formed in 2014 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where the Brazilian actress lived for a few years studying Jacques Lecoq’s teachings of Physical Theatre and learning how to make string-puppets at Pepe Otal's Puppetry Workshop. Lope de Alberdi was her main tutor. She studied puppetry with the English puppeteer Stephen Mottran in Pinerolo (Italy) and techniques of string-puppet manipulation with Angel Navarro (Spain). Currently, the company is based in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. 

Cia Tu Mateixa Marionetes was created from the confluence between the languages ​​of physical theatre and puppetry. The company takes the Catalan name "tu mateixa" that means "yourself", because the puppets are constructed and manipulated by Júlia Barnabé herself. Since it´s formation, Cia Tu Mateixa Marionetes has been touring with the show "Laia and the Flight of the Imagination" in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Russia, Algeria, Brazil and Paraguay.


Photo Rogener Pavinski

Júlia Barnabé


Besides being an actress and puppeteer,

she has been a clown for over ten years! She is one of the founders of Cia Cromossomos, a group of clowns that performs shows and humanitarian artistic expeditions in areas of social vulnerability in Brazil and abroad. She is also a collaborator with Clowns Without Borders in Brazil and holds a degree in Social Sciences from the Faculty of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences of the University of São Paulo, Brazil.


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Photo Rogener Pavinski