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Laia And the Flight of Imagination

"Laia and the flight of imagination" is a wordless string-puppet show performed by the puppeteer Júlia Barnabé and her marionette, Laia. The show discusses the hybridism between dream and reality in child's world. It is also a work that tells us about parental love. Between the puppet and the puppeteer there is a delicate game of complicity and affection, not the traditional neutral relationship.

Cabinet of Curiosities

"Cabinet of Curiosities" is a string puppet show that has time as its theme, with a story that takes place inside a clock. Several characters live the exact moment when the gears stop and from that moment on, very curious things start to happen.


Created by Júlia Barnabé and Rocío Walls, with direction by Carla Candiotto, the show invites the audience to travel through the passage of time in amazing ways and, with puppets handemade by the artists, instills interest in what is ingeniously made by hand.


Clock puppets, a sorcerer wizard, a tightrope walker, a unicycle clown, a trapeze artist and a group of dancers, come to life through the puppeteers' hands in comic, circus and lyrical scenes, relating in a real and exciting way, inviting the audience to enter a gap in time, where the extraordinary is possible.

Gabinete de Curiosidades_Cia Tu Mateixa_Foto Laura Faleiros (2)_edited.jpg
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