Foto Santiago Marsenaro

"Puppets are as old as the world. They rise from their own ashes. It is then a new being that one must get to know to love, loving it to accept and forgive it´s faults (or what may seem defective to the profane). It is a natural daughter of poetry. All the fairies of the world attended it´s birth, bringing gifts and honors to it. It is immortal, though dwelling upon the earth and having been created to make humans forget their worries. It entertains children, enchants the grown-ups, touches the simple, offers a delicate pleasure to the tired and the skeptic. It is a game of the gods, put by them on earth to remind us of the reality of their hard office and their modesty."

(CHESNAIS, Jacques. Histoire Générale des Marionnettes. Bordais, Paris, 1947)