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Teaser "Laia and the Flight of Imagination"

Script, puppet, set and costumes by Júlia Barnabé

Original Sound Track by Danielle Siqueira and Danilo Rodrigues

Video Multiversos audiovisual

Direction, Images, Editing by Marina Decourt

Teaser "Cabinet of Curiosities"

Making and manipulating puppets: Júlia Barnabé e Rocío Paredes  

Show Director: Carla Candiotto  

Creation and Dramaturgy: Carla Candiotto, Júlia Barnabé, Rocío Paredes

Original Soundtrack: Danielle Siqueira, Danilo Rodrigues e Domingo Duclos 

Scenography: Pierre Franclet, Eduardo Salzane, Valentin Fileteado, Júlia Barnabé e Rocío Paredes 

Costumes: Elisa Rossin

Costume props and scenographic elements: Laura Alves - Ateliê Clã das Cores 

Photos e Vídeos: Marina Decourt - Multiversos Audiovisual 

Management: Cia. Tu Mateixa Marionetes

Travelling team: Júlia Barnabé and Rocío Paredes

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